Elizeu Satirio

Spanish Senior Pastor


Amaury & Ruby Medina

Spanish Ministry Pastors


Pastor Ritchie &

Lederle Carbajal

Mike & Karen Mieritz

Founders & Senior Pastors

The Center is a multi-cultural, non-denominational, independent Bible believing church. 

We focus our all of our ministry efforts on the following:

ENCOUNTER - Our number one mission at the Center is that you would have an Encounter with Jesus.

CONNECT - We want you to Connect to your purpose in life and to the body of Christ.

REACH - The heart of one that has truly Encountered Jesus is to Reach their family and the surrounding community.

Check out John Chapter 4.  The woman at the well had an incredible, life-changing encounter with Jesus.  She was immediately connected to her greater purpose in life and began to reach her community.  Let that be our life!